Volume III, Issue 4, Page 41


Mopar addict sees the light: Laying the groundwork for a 620ci, 1,000hp race motor

When we began to consider Chevrolet power for my son Andy's S&W Race Cars-built "Back-2-Basics" dragster it was a little hard for me to comprehend. It was because 99 percent of the time our race cars have gone down the track with Mopar engines in them. But it didn't take long to realize we could make a lot of power with a big-inch Chevy and not break the bank doing it.

We contacted Stan Ray at Ohio Crankshaft  (OC) and asked questions about the Super 620 he had for only $9,995. After twenty emails, a dozen phone calls, and a lot of other racers telling me to switch to GM, I pulled the pin and ordered the engine. We have decided to make a few upgrades, as we will use it for bracket racing as well as Top Dragster racing. This car will see very little, if any, Super Comp action. We’ll leave that for my car that has the Mopar and the throttle-stop already in it.

Since we had zero parts for a Chevy, you’ll get a first hand look at what it takes to get one of these big-inch engines up and running. The only thing that we might use is the belt-drive fuel pump, but that will need brackets to fit it to the Chevy block.

Our Merlin X aluminum block clamped down in the CNC boring equipment. The electronic probing has been completed and boring is about to begin.

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