Volume III, Issue 4, Page 9

Feast your eyes Bowtie fanatics, we’re taking an exclusive peek inside the top secret Edelbrock R&D lab for a world premiere first look at the new Performer RPM aluminum heads for Chevy 348/409 W-series engines. Thanks to these ground-breaking alloy castings, interest in the Chevy W-series engine family--always simmering just below the surface--is about to explode. Available bare (PN 60809, $823 each) or fully assembled with high quality valves and springs (PN 60819, $1,075) they tip the scales at 28 pounds each (bare) and are ready for your street or strip W-engine.

You don’t get inside the Edelbrock R&D lab without a special employee pass-key, or an invitation from Vic himself! Here’s a glimpse of the meeting table where director of engineering, Rick Roberts and design engineer Ulises Gonzalez did much of the brainstorming on the W-head project.

Toss in Edelbrock’s trick just-released dual-quad intake manifold, aluminum water pump and finned aluminum valve covers and it looks like we’re on the verge of a W-motor renaissance. But this time, instead of being seen as retro power for late-fifties Impala restorations and 1961-1965 full-size Biscaynes and Super Sports, there’s good reason to believe the mighty W will move into the main stream and be seen as a viable alternative to building the usual small- or big-block Chevy V8. And why not, the W is a hot machine that can hang with the best of them--when similarly prepared.