Volume III, Issue 4, Page 1

As a rendition suited for a completely stock engine, the Magnacharger Radix is unparalleled. It has an impressive array of support systems, as well, including an aluminum, equal-length runner intake manifold already joined with the supercharger case, new fuel rails and larger fuel injectors, an upgraded fuel pump, core and pump for the liquid-to-air intercooler system, a revised tensioner support bracket and pulleys, plus an army of small parts and fasteners. Though it and its ancillary systems settle an additional 80 pounds over the front wheels, once cocooned in the dramatic surge of the supercharger, nobody seems to notice.

The supercharger, aluminum equal-length runner intake manifold, billet fuel rails, fuel injectors, and other hardware arrive as one piece and ready to lower on the engine. Magnuson supplies specific intake gaskets as well. Bolts are gradually torqued to 89in/lb.

The instruction book depicts 191, 4-color commands and calls for change-over time of about 15 hours by one experienced tech. Magnacharger sales manager Bob Roese made a running correction: “Though the handbook calls for 15 hours labor and sounds like the guy would have to take vacation in order to put it on himself, a sharp pair of hands could do it in a day.”

Grille module is held by six heavy-duty snaps and can be removed in seconds. Ancillary systems include a 7x24-inch core that mounts just in front of the automatic transmission radiator. The brackets make the intercooler more or less freestanding and leave generous space between it and the transmission cooler core.