Custom exhaust system build

Building a custom exhaust system can be, pardon the pun, exhausting. But with a bit of know-how, a touch of preparation, and a lot of patience, it can be an incredibly rewarding task. Well we can’t help you with the prep, and you’re on your own as far as patience goes, but if you read on, you’ll hopefully get the information you need to make your next project a smooth one.

And once you’re done reading the story, be sure to sound off a response. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at this sort of job before? Whatever you think, we want to hear from you!

Headers can often make or break the project so you need to purchase the best ones available. The first thing to look at after they are installed is the angle of the collector flanges, or how far in or out, up or down they may be pointing toward versus dead center. As shown, our passenger side is pointing inward and slightly downward. In correlation, the driver’s side is pointing downward but is angled straight. Getting the angle the same is often hard to perfect, but if you want a straight, smooth transition system, all these things need to be taken in to consideration. When you begin with aftermarket headers, this is an area of concern. On projects where we build the header from scratch, this is not a problem because we build the collectors in the same position and space them evenly while the header is being fabricated. First, we cut off the collector flanges, carefully ground away the welds, and got ready to realign the flanges. In addition, we also removed the flange at the end of the collector because we will be using V-band clamps for a perfect seal. Looking from one side to the other, we want them to be lined up evenly. In the stock position you can see the driver’s side angles up as compared to the frame of the car.
On the passenger side, the collector end points inward. We’ll tap it with a rubber mallet to move it into alignment. End is now evenly spaced and ready for work.  Looking at both sides together we have achieved our best fit possible. The collectors will have a good flow to the rear of the car and they match side-to-side in relation to the transmission cross member.