Words and photos by Jok Nicholson
The freshened Ohio Crankshaft 572 sits on the AEM dyno waiting to be tested. The Quick Fuel FX4712 1250 cfm gas carburetor is about to be tested on the AEM dyno. It was dead-on right out of the box. Jetting, air bleeds and even float levels were never touched and didn't need to be.

Project 4-Link is a DragRacingOnline.com project car that started appearing in the pages of the magazine in January of 2001. It is one of the longest running magazine project cars and has probably had more people read about it than any project car that was ever built. In keeping with that tradition we have made some major changes in the car for 2009. I hope you will enjoy finding out what we did when we started getting ready for the 2009 race season.

Most of you that have read about Project 4-Link for the last eight years know it has always had a big block Mopar in it. Well, things change. We sold the 572-inch Mopar and installed the all-aluminum 620-inch Ohio Crankshaft designed Chevy Rat.

Since our chassis is only one of two made by Jim Pulliam, it was no easy task to find someone to do the front and rear motor plates for the chassis. A friend of ours and his son, John and Brent Freeborn, have a small chassis shop where they have built several cars for themselves and finished up some for customers. They agreed to take on the project and did a great job of getting everything cut out perfectly and leaving the engine in the same location. Thanks, guys!

We decided to make a couple rather major changes to the Project 4-Link engine program. First, I wanted to go back to a carburetor and race gas. It will be easier to use a throttle stop and control corrosion in the conditions we race in if I switch back to gas. Not to mention we can take a lot less fuel with us with the two cars we race. That meant we had two things we needed to decide on: carburetor and fuel system.