Tach it up: Sunpro 5” Super Tach III Tachometer Installation

A tachometer is a valuable piece of equipment in any high performance automobile, but installing one can be a tricky proposition. Don't let that scare you off though; with a little preparation you can do an install job that would make your local speed shop proud.

For the purposes of this article, we'll be putting a Sunpro 5" Super Tach III into an '87 Corvette. The installation directions are specifically for this tach, but for the most part they'll apply to any brand of tachometer. Likewise, the installation directions will be more or less the same for any model of car. We'll make sure to point out areas where you'll need to do something different for another type of car. Total install time should take about one hour, give or take, but as always, budget more time if this is your first time installing an item like this.

Now without (much) further ado, let's get crackin'!

First thing first: This is what the thing you're putting in your car looks like. The Sunpro 5” Super Tach III. Ooh, so shiny.... And look! It has a blue light on it!