We’ve all been in high performance
street cars equipped with performance header and an exhaust system that sounds
bitchin’ to you and your buds while sitting in the driveway but then you notice that the wife or girlfriend won’t ride
with you anymore, the neighbor has installed a decibel meter next to your driveway and you can’t even hear that Blue Cheer tape in the eight-track when you are cruising around. And if the system isn’t loud it has that dynamo hum that after a half-hour in the car causes your friends to stick any object they can find in their ears to escape that maddening drone. To help combat this common issue, the experts at CORSA Performance Exhausts have developed an exhaust system that delivers a pleasing exhaust note without the dreaded drone.

CORSA’s claim to fame is the noteworthy sound emitting from its performance exhaust systems, the result of a technology they call “Reflective Sound Cancellation™” or RSC. Basically, the genius behind RSC is the very thing that allows the exhaust to deliver a bold tone when you stomp the throttle while keeping the inside of the car and its inhabitants drone free. For this article we are
dealing with an exhaust for a late model Camaro.

To give you a better understanding of the technology,
here is how it works: An RSC-equipped
system has a pipe that runs straight through
the muffler, almost as if there was no
muffler in the system. But in this
straight-through pipe there is a full
radial air gap that allows sound
pressure waves to escape
and travel down a channel.

The geometry of the channel reflects these sound pressure waves within the muffler case to produce a 180-degree out-of-phase wave cancellation that removes the particular “unwanted” sound frequency that causes the drooooone!

With an exhaust system from CORSA on your ride you will be drone free. That means you can slide the Blue Cheer tape into the player (or CD for you moderns) and crank up Summertime Blues until the windows start to crack. Or you can turn it down put in an Uncle Cracker CD and have a conversation while driving your hot rod and you will still have an impressive sounding exhaust system while still eliminating drone at cruising speeds.