If you are a GM/Chevrolet brand fan, then you have probably changed an oil pan gasket or two in your lifetime.  One thing for sure, it’ll help if you have four hands to steady all the gasket components to avoid leaks and drips inherent in the traditional four-piece OEM gasket set. 

The main issue when installing a pan gasket is to carefully mate the front and rear seal to the cork side rail gasket and get the pan onto the engine block without disturbing that bond or moving the seals.

Fortunately aftermarket manufacturers listened to our pleas to develop a one-piece small block Chevy pan gasket, make it reusable and resolve the problems of leakage inherent in the 1950’s design to seal a Bowtie oil pan.

We have a 355 cubic inch small block sitting in the shop waiting to be installed into a soon-to-be finished 1930 Model A 5-window coupe.  It’s a relatively mild, mechanical Hilborn injected Chevy, equipped with old steel Camel-hump heads, so we were going for a ‘50s period look with the fit and finish of one of those new billet, car show beauties. 

It’s something that we’ve been gathering all the parts for and as soon as the body and Total Cost Involved chassis returns from final body work and first coat of primer in Arizona it’ll be time to wire and plumb it, getting ready for a Southern California summer.

Since the bottom end of the engine was not yet finished, we went for an oil pan package from Milodon Engineering that included:

Part # 31503 Milodon Street Performance 5-Quart Oil Pan.
Part # 40100 Milodon Single Piece Oil Pan Gasket
Part # 81300 Milodon Oil Pan Studs & vibration resistant nuts
Part # 18750 Milodon High Volume Oil Pump
Part # 18307 Milodon Oil Pump pick-up
Part # 23050 Milodon Oil Pump Drive Shaft

Tools you’ll need:
A 3/8 or ¼ drive socket set
Open end or box wrenches
Clear Silicone RTV
Loctite Threadlocker High Strength Red

NOTE: First read the carefully written instructions completely.