by Clifford Tunnell

If you’ve been paying any attention to racing, especially in the Pro Mod/Pro Stock world, you’re no doubt aware of the controversy regarding EFI, or electronic Fuel injection, and whether or not it should be allowed or even mandated in professional racing classes. The arguments are many and varied, with proponents putting forth a whole host of safety and performance improvements that would, we are told, assuredly come to pass were EFI to be allowed. Others point to the diminishing similarities between the cars racing on Sunday and the real cars they’re meant to emulate and, presumably, sell on Monday. Just try to buy a car with a carburetor these days, they say. How can manufacturers think that carbureted race cars will sell fuel injected cars?

Fuel injection is a funny thing. Though firmly ensconced in popular culture as
far back as the Beach Boys (“He's hot with ram induction
but it's understood I got a fuel injected
engine sittin' under my hood”), how many
people really understand what
it is and does?