Besides inserts and downturn mufflers, Car Chemistry also sells Rack & Pinion steering systems for muscle cars, as well as a line of ceramic coating polish to keep your high-tech / expensive headers and downturn mufflers looking like brand new.

I went with the Car Chemistry mufflers hidden inside a ceramic-coated downturn coming right out of the collector and turning the exhaust downward where it can bounce off the road and exit the rear of the car. The first time I took the car out this year with the Car Chemistry muffler/turn-down system everyone wanted to know where the rest of my exhaust system went. Using these mufflers from Car Chemistry really was my best answer.

The level of sound they make is up to you as you can add a disc that looks like a steel ceramic coated freeze plug. (They supply one that is already punched with a 2” hole and another you can drill out to any size you want.) I installed the supplied disc by drilling two small holes with retaining screws and mounted them to my collectors.

I am super pleased with the Car Chemistry muffler/down-turns I installed. The sound is bitchin and it doesn’t drone like regular mufflers. And, they free up some ponies also. My torque converter spools up to 2,500 RPM before the car launches and when it does it gets loud, but just driving with the converter locked-up in 4th gear they are quieter than glass packed Turbo mufflers by a bunch. They have a soft rumble and sound like the engine has a lot more power in it than it’s Chevy SBC engine should deliver. (It does.)

This exhaust system works for me. Is it right for you? Yes if you don’t want to spend + $600 for a custom dual exhaust system and prefer to show off your expensive headers. Don’t be afraid, because if you just want the muffler inserts without the downturn the cost is really minor and reasonable for what they are.  If you want the downturn muffler it is also reasonable. Inserts run from $30.00 to $230.00 per set, depending on the size and application.