In this shot you can see the performance single plane intake manifold, Holley carburetor and all the hoses, etc. that came from the factory. You can also see how the entire Heater – A/C system, takes up almost all of the space on the passenger side of the firewall. It was almost a 1-hour job just to get the 4-6-8 spark plugs changed.   The “as-purchased headers” were from Hooker, but they were “Shorty’s” not for max torque or HP.  They were just a few more parts for the recycling can. Having such a messy engine area to contend with was part of the reason for stripping everything out that wasn’t needed for power. They were replaced with Blackjack long tube headers so I could drive the car as I was building it. I added Ceramic coated Hooker Super-Comp headers as the final step to complete the build.

This is the engine compartment as it looks now. What a difference. Nuff said!

As I describe it please understand I already had a new 410 hp / 436 lb.ft. engine built just for this project car, plus a Moser 9” differential and Monster Transmission 4-speed Automatic 700R4 available anytime I wanted them. I decided to run nothing lower than a 3.73 to 1 differential gears or possibly a 3.50 to 1 ratio because I want a really high-speed roller. But, I was focused on only one thing: High Performance, however it can be described.  Of the +470 lbs. / 197.4 kilos I took out of the car I replaced it with a 17 pound heavier differential and housing assembly as well 13 pounds /5.46 kilos for the Monster 700R4. The new transmission required a new crossmember and that added 18 pounds/ 7.56 kilos. Overall there was at least 380 pounds or 159.6 kilos removed.