This is just a teaser shot of the Monster Transmission 700R4 transmission and the special transmission mount/crossmember from them also. These two boxes contain performance that will multiply the torque from my engine by 3.00:1 in first gear. This allowed me to go with a 3:50:1 differential gear and still have a great launch as well as excellent top speed.

In the next segment I will go into more detail of why the Monster Tranny was selected over many others available in the automotive aftermarket.

Monster 1. These two boxes showed up at my door just 7 days from the date I ordered them.  These were easily installed and fit without any modifications required. Believe me, this is unusual with aftermarket parts, especially with a conversion kit since I was switching from a TH 350 to a TH 700R4. Total installation time was just one Saturday taking our good old time and having a few suds during the installation.

To keep things simple, I knew I was going to be throwing everything away in the drive train (engine, transmission and differential, but not the driveshaft) and installing heavy-duty components.  My approach to this build was to remove every part and fastener that wouldn’t make the car quicker, safer or faster.  Therefore when I opened the hood the first time I automatically almost barffed and expanded on the list of things to remove; A/C pump, A/C condenser, complete heater and A/C controls and everything under the hood and dash regarding the Heater – A/C system, 86.2 lbs. total or 36 kilos. (To turn pounds into kilos multiply the pounds by 0.42. I rounded these conversions off.)

Next I took off the bumpers and they weighed more than 90 lbs. / 37.8 kilos each. The heavy bumpers are the result of the 5 MPH crash requirement from the government. I removed the complete brass radiator and replaced it with a aluminum one (-9 kilos). Battery moved to the rear of the cab underneath the bottom of the bed on the right side, 0 lbs. removed, but it removed another 14.5 kilos off the front end. The total amount taken off the front end was slightly more than 135 Kilos, /310.2 lbs.

I am starting to mix kilos into “DIY” features in “”, because we will be using the metric system in the next 25 years far more than the inch and pound system of today. Getting to see them together will acclimate your mind to how they compare and the differences.

I also replaced the upper and lower stamped steel a-arms with a complete Global West Suspension system - about -15 pounds less. The rear stamped steel control arms were replaced with Global West tubular control arms with the upper adjustable. Added about 10 pounds for the rear control arms but they completely stopped axle-hop and I can now launch the car straight as a ruler.

Here you can get a good look at the massive steel rear bumper, they match in weight front and rear, as they also have a steel reinforcing plates behind them that is ¾ of the width of the bumper, but centered in the middle. This rear shot shows off these boat anchors as well as a totally junk tailgate. It was way beyond repair. I was lucky to find one that was like new for $100 on Craig’s List. I added a fiberglass roll-pan and put back the stock tail, brake and backup lights.