This resulted in 8 pounds of fiberglass versus +90 lbs. for the steel.  I also installed a fiberglass front bumper and a urethane scoop under the bumper. It looks better and is a lighter by 92 lbs. / 34.4 kilos for each bumper removed. I also removed the four impact shocks that were part of the 5 MPH crash system. They accounted for a loss of 40 pounds by themselves. (Here the Elko is at the paint & body shop ready for paint. Do the flat sanding yourself and use self-etching primer to save money.

I took out the bench seat, heater A/C controls, radio - it will be too loud to hear it anyway, rug cover to the rear inner bed storage area, and every bolt, screw or fastener that wasn’t serving any logical or needed purpose. Things like the cigarette lighter and ashtray, all the heater controls, defroster hoses, and more under the dash. Once everything from the heater- A/C was removed I kept taking out things like all the wiring that I replaced with a new Painless Performance Products 18 circuit kit.

These are two different views of the engines in the car. The old messy one is the way I bought it; the next one is how it looks now. Under the air cleaner is a 750 cfm Summit Carb. I broke in the engine with the Summit Carburetor. They are very good with all the tricks so it will work out of the box. I had to increase the primary jets to eliminate a slight bog when I jumped on it, but that had little effect on the fuel mileage. I was getting so close to 18 mph it was funny. But, for overall best 4,000 to 6,000 RPM performance and for fuel economy the Holley EFI system is far better.

This teaser shot of the car gives you a good idea of how it looks now. Note   all the paint is done and the exhaust is completed. (For safety I place wheel chocks behind of the rear tire when it is just parked for a while because I’m working on it.) You can almost see the 4-point roll bar that Steve and I installed. I bought the pre-bent pieces of steel and tubes and he did the welding. (That’s a fair deal; right?)

Just to complete the weight reduction story, I was able to take right at 500 lbs. or 210 kilos total from the car. The following were replaced by lighter components: Racing Seats, fuel & return lines, fuel tank replaced by a plastic fuel cell in the bed, fuel pump removed off the engine by using an electric pump for the EFI. The car/truck now weighs about 3189 pounds or  /1340 Kilos with driver and a ½ filled fuel tank. Understand though, this is just my estimate. At the end of this journey it will go to the scales and get a factual weight with a full fuel cell plus driver.

That is all for this issue. In the next we will get into the engine machining and build. Have fun and keep on blowing away the competition.