VOLUME XII,  ISSUE 4 - OCT. - DEC.,  2018

What’s New?

JEGS Top End Kit for Small Block Chevy

JEGS 195cc Intake Runner Top End Kit is designed for customers seeking maximum Performance while still maintaining good drivability. JEGS starts with a set of JEGS Aluminum Cylinder Heads featuring 195cc Intake runners, 64cc Combustion Chambers and 1.250 in. diameter Valve Springs, and add their Dual Plane Aluminum Intake which provides great performance from Idle to 5500 RPM. The heart of JEGS Small Block Chevy Top End Kit is the 0.488 in. /0.510 in. Lift Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam with 292/302 degree Adv. Duration, producing great off idle torque and plenty of engine vacuum for those using power brakes. JEGS completes the kit with Chromoly Pushrods, a Double Roller Timing Chain and all the Premium Gaskets and Fasteners required for installation.

PRW Engine Test Stand

Easy to assemble and use, the PRW foldable stands will fit a variety of engine types, and solve the space issue by breaking down when not in use. The PRW Engine Test Stands available in a number of configurations, ranging from bare-bones to fully accessorized. Also available is the rotating short-block adapter, which can be seen here at the rear of the stand. That allows the test stand to be used as an engine stand for short-block assembly as well. All of the units are made from a robust 1045-alloy steel square-tube, which offers strength and durability, with a maximum payload of 1,200-1,500 pounds. Height-adjustable legs are available in addition to the solid front-mounting legs.

HPx Series Hydraulic Roller Lifters from Isky

ISKY Racing Cams has partnered with Johnson Lifters of Taylor, Michigan, to offer the “Best on the Planet” HPx™ Silver & Gold Series Hydraulic Roller Lifters. These lifters feature needle bearings and EZ-Roll bushings for LS-1 Chevrolet V8 engines.

Chevy LS S-Drive Serpentine Pulley System

Eddie Motorsports announces new lower cost LS S-Drive systems. Available in 6 rib or High Performance 8 rib configurations; Billet Aluminum brackets and pulleys made in the USA; Kit includes everything needed to accessorize your engine; Three types of power steering reservoirs to choose from; All new name brand components from American companies; Available in seven custom finishes.

AutoMeter Chrono Series Gauges

Chrono series gauges from AutoMeter Products, Inc., have been recognized by industry peers as winner of the 2018 Best New Performance Product Award at the Custom Automotive Network Connect Conferences held in Frisco, TX. Developed in celebration of AutoMeter’s 60th anniversary, Chrono pays tribute to the company’s storied racing history while looking forward through incorporation of new technologies. In support of today’s hottest custom vehicle trends, Chrono strikes a fine balance between making a statement and accentuating the original character of a classic vehicle. Design inspiration for the gauges was drawn from elegant timepieces; an influence which extends from the typeface and ticking to the sculpted three-dimensional dials and polished aluminum bezels. Visibility and resolution are maximized with industry-leading analog needle sweeps up to 320 degrees which are backlit by crisp, white LED illumination.

JEGS 5 Gauge Dash Panel LED Bar Graph

JEGS 5 Gauge Dash Panel includes a Speedometer & Tachometer Combo that reads up to 255 mph and features odometer, trip meter, one-button calibration, 0-60 time, 1⁄4 mile ET, and high speed recall; all at the push of a button. Tachometer reads 0-9,900 RPM in 100 RPM increments. Speedometer can be used with the included Ford sending unit. Water Temperature Gauge includes a sending unit and reads 160 degrees to 240 degrees F. Oil Pressure Gauge reads 0-80 psi and the Oil pressure sending unit is included. Voltmeter reads 12-16 volts. Fuel Level Gauge reads Empty to Full in 1/4 increments and works with most existing fuel level sending units set at industry standard 0-90 Ohms.



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